Master's program


The Faculty of Finance and Banking organizes several Master programs in finance (for the moment, only in Romanian):

  • Advanced Research in Finance
  • Actuarial Science
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Corporate Finance
  • Finance and Banking - DOFIN
  • Financial management and Investments
  • Management of Banking Systems

Master's program Advanced Research in Finance

The mission of this program is to create an elite of financiers, researchers, of young people passionate about knowledge and innovation in finance. Students will acquire skills and competencies in the field of financial assets’ evaluation and management, in depth analysis of macroeconomic variables, of financial risks, anticipation of financial shocks.


Master's program Actuarial Science

The mission of this program is to train highly qualified professionals in financial risk analysis and actuarial science.


Master's program Banking and Insurance 

The main objectives of the program areto provide students with complex and comprehensive training, to increase employability on the Romanian and European labor market and to develop a scientific research community able to promote co-operation between academic staff, specialists and master students.


Master's program Corporate Finance

The mission of this program is to train highly qualified professionals, whose knowledge and competences will allow them to perform activities in the field of financial management (both in enterprises and in capital market institutions). The curriculum has been designed so as to meet the demands on the Romanian and European labor markets, also benefiting from the experience of prestigious foreign universities. The program lays emphasis on practical activities such as case studies, as well as on scientific research in corporate finance.


Master's program Finance and Banking (DOFIN)

The program aims at training highly qualified specialists in the field of finance and banking. These specialists are able to perform qualitative and quantitative analyses of the economic and financial phenomena which are manifest in the finance and banking domain; based on these analyses, graduates are highly competent decision makers.The subjects taught develop students' analytical, synthesis and decision-making abilities. Furthermore, students become familiar both with fundamental concepts in modern economics and finance, and with econometric techniques employed in the quantitative and qualitative analysis of financial and monetary phenomena.


Master's program Financial management and investments

The mission of this program is to provide its participants with a thoroughly enhancement of their knowledge in corporate finance management, monetary and capital financial markets, real estate portfolio management.


Master's program Management of Banking Systems

The Master's program aims at training highly qualified banking experts. Participants in this Master's program will enhance their knowledge in technical and commercial aspects specific to banking institutions. The courses are taught by highly experienced academic staff and banking professionals.